15th October 2012

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Martha and Amy meet. Flirting ensues. 

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8th September 2012

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The Angels Take Manhattan photoshoot.

Photos taken by my sis.

Rory Cosplayer: Elliot

River Song Cosplayer: Nicola

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3rd September 2012

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We’ll keep on running.

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26th August 2012

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Was able to get front row at last night’s screening of Doctor Who’s Asylum of the Daleks. Well worth the lack of sleep! These were taken as the cast introduced the episode.

(Although, quality wise, they aren’t the best pics, please do not edit these and/or claim them as your own).

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11th August 2012

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Amy believes she won’t be leaving Baskerville alive. 

Sherlock proves her wrong.

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10th August 2012

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Amy was just getting used to Sherlock. 

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10th August 2012

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Amy Pond

Amy Pond

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10th August 2012

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Martha travels with Amy, Eleven and Rory. 

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9th August 2012

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27th July 2012

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Two Amies in Eddie’s Diner. :)

Two Amies in Eddie’s Diner. :)

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